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Glass Lofts Condos

Front Studio Architects

Pittsburgh, PA

Spring 2013



Rather than expressing a view of architecture asabsolute and finite, this architecture is madepurposefullyincomplete! While not incomplete in aliteral or physical sense, the architecture is incompletebecause it accepts change. The inevitability of time’seffects and user modifications therefore become essential forces that shape this architecture. Embracing the incomplete, this architecture invites inter-activity, engendering full embodied experiences of connection in its users: Connection, to people and connection to place,physically, intellectually, and emotionally. Architecture’s tendency to be perfect, i.e. complete, unravels through the use of:


5 conditions of the incomplete.


Fragmentary– multiple: shapes, volumes, colors materials, carved corners

􀂋􀀃Unfinished– exposed: concrete block, metal deck steel, ducts, pipes, conduits􀂋􀀃Imperfect– purposefully out of plumb columns off the shelf materials 􀂋􀀃Impermanent– material patina - rusted steel flexibility - occupant’s modifications

􀂋􀀃Openness– multiple: thresholds inside and out, overhead garage doors, shared spaces


The Commons, the essence of the incomplete, is a place for human action where:

-Change is made manifest

- The predicable and the unexpected meet- Users interpret and complete the space.


It is a place to go and a place to be,Imperfect and incomplete, space in the Glass Lofts is fluid in its being,waiting to be transformed by the movement of the people who live in it and use it.




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