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meaDe: the animated series

Hand Drawing, Adobe Photoshop, Adodeb Illustrator, Adobe After Effects

Traditional /Digital drawing and animation 

Spring 2015

This was so much of a running joke at my apartment that I decided to take it literally (basically that our lives are so unbelievably weird that someone should actually make a sitcom). 


meaDe: the animated series is a conceptual animated series based on the many miss-adventures of my roommates, our neighbors, and I while living on Meade Street. It takes inspiration and stylistically blends a mix of classic 90's sitcoms such The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Martin, Living Single, and A Different World, with a cross of modern adult cartoons such as Family Guy and The Boondocks.


Basically, meaDe is centered around three young recent graduate architect roommates; Sam, an “encourageable” dreamer from "outside of Philly," Christian, a smooth talking, "strategic" entrepreneur from Detroit, and Ashley, a down-to-Earth "sista girl" from Brooklyn. In the series, their lifestyles and approaches to various scenarios often clash with one another. The series focuses on the relationship between as well as their fellow housemates, "The McPherson's" and the rest of the neighborhood while living in the heart of the "uniquely gritty" city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Borough of Sharpsburg began this project with the idea that their public library would become a centerpiece for Main Street, that would spark new vibrancy to their central commercial district. This library replaces a mundane building with a bold community asset that is sparking a change in perception of the district and be a harbinger of new development. The project involves an addition and renovation, tripling the size of the existing structure. The Pittsburgh Quarterly describes the Sharpsburg Community Library as “an effective metaphor for the experience of the library as a place where a community assembles.”


Built within a tight budget of $206 /sf, the library is not only well suited to the intellectual stimulation of reading, but also captivates usersand the entire community and can accommodate many activities dynamically. This library is both not only an inviting and memorable experience... but now, not just a place to go, but a place to be.

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