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SPIRIT Fashion Show: Regoirum

Spring 2015

VERSUS: lux uses contrasting materials and textures to embody the idea of conflict and relation. Like the Greek gods Ares and Aphrodite, two conflicting forces can come together to make a beautiful and powerful blend. lux takes design quos and visual inspiration from Greek mythology and it’s respective Renaissance art to make a powerful yet graceful modern / avant garde blend.

Like his work, Andy Warhol has become an instantly recognizable icon. By presenting everyday subjects in unusual ways, his work makes the audience search for deeper meaning. This proposed hotel echos Warhol’s Pop Art iconography and becomes an architectural icon. It elicits an intense emotional reaction, producing a memorable place and experience. With its dynamic skin displaying changeable images, this floating 4,000 square foot box is an event space, a stage, a beacon, a landmark and an icon.


The Warhol Museum defines itself as “ever-changing, constantly redefining itself in relationship to contemporary dsdwdfodsuicosadconaosdnvnsdfjvnovnnkn ifohguifd odfgoishvisdf ovhdfoihvid fsvi idvh sifdhviowf vifsdh df vugsudgf duf dsfho dfid fisd sdhfgids gids gsdhgidshg  idf

SPIRIT is CMU’s multicultural Black awareness organization. Our fashion show this year is based around the idea of defending identities against stereotyping, in response to the increased coverage of cultural appropriation in the fashion industry. But stereotyping does not stop at fashion and if overlooked, it sustains racism. One of the best ways to fight this negativity is to go behind the scenes, learn from direct sources, and share oneself earnestly. That way, we can get to the heart of what makes these identities and cultures truly unique, complex, beautiful, and something to be respected and celebrated.

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