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I think it was movies that started my love for making things.


As a kid I spent most of my time drawing or building what ever it was I saw on screen. Action, dramas, comedies, sci-fi, animation, doesn't matter... I don’t know, but it’s always been a driving force of my imagination. There's some subtitle nuance about them that has always wowed me even back then. Maybe it's the intricacy of and the detailing of it all or maybe it's just the theatrically of it all. For me, that sense of finite detailing and colorful theatricality have always found their way in both my work and my own personality. I try to bring that excitement and lively energy into any design.


There's something about making art that's energetic and lively that's excited me. It’s this same energy that has kept my work free flowing through a wide range of different genres and creative typologies.


My heart and primary focuses are in design, art, and animation. I create characters, design, and places of vivid color and elaborate imagination. I thrust viewers into crazy worlds, loaded with information that last only an instant. I think of my work like a 4K resolution image; it takes encompasses everything from the smallest pixel to the greater picture.


I hope to invoke a very jovial response within my viewers that leads them to engage with their own perceptions of the imagination and color. I hope to challenge the common perceptions of how different media relate and how we experience the various arts. I love to make my viewers laugh, and show them just how silly and strange bodies are. I hope to make my viewers think very seriously about my work, and to look at their own inner child and see what it is that drives their imagination.


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