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Warhol Museum Hotel

Front Studio Architects

Sharpsburg, PA

Spring 2015

The Borough of Sharpsburg began this project with the idea that their public library would become a centerpiece for Main Street, that would spark new vibrancy to their central commercial district. This library replaces a mundane building with a bold community asset that is sparking a change in perception of the district and be a harbinger of new development. The project involves an addition and renovation, tripling the size of the existing structure. The Pittsburgh Quarterly describes the Sharpsburg Community Library as “an effective metaphor for the experience of the library as a place where a community assembles.”


Built within a tight budget of $206 /sf, the library is not only well suited to the intellectual stimulation of reading, but also captivates usersand the entire community and can accommodate many activities dynamically. This library is both not only an inviting and memorable experience... but now, not just a place to go, but a place to be.

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